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Professional Indemnity Insurance

AdviceUK is committed to its members being able to provide skilled and appropriate advice to anyone who needs it. However, when mistakes are made, it is important that the client should not be disadvantaged and that any claims for compensation can be met without putting the resources of the centre and the personal assets of key individuals at risk.

AdviceUK Professional Indemnity Insurance is arranged on a “claims made” basis, which means that any claim will attach to the period of insurance during which the claim is made, and not when the breach of professional duty actually occurred. This means that you must have a current ‘live’ policy in force when notification of a possible claim is made.

To access Professional Indemnity Insurance through AdviceUK, you must be either a Subscriber or Network Member. If you do not currently have an AdviceUK membership, please contact us for more information.


To apply for AdviceUK Professional Indemnity Insurance you will need to register to become and AdviceUK member using the form below.

We offer two types of membership:

  • Network membership – for more information about benefits, discounts and membership fee please visit our Network Membership page
  • Subscriber membership (free – this is to enable you to purchase insurance products from us)

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