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Our Members

What Our Members Do

Our members work incredibly hard within their communities to offer free, life-changing support and advice to vulnerable people, usually in desperate need of help with no means to pay for advice.

We are deeply proud of the diverse, independent and innovative nature of our network of members. Each organisation uniquely connected to local people, going the extra mile daily, to make a significant difference to quality of life.

Brixton Advice Centre



Brixton Advice Centre promotes access to justice through the provision of good quality legal advice, assistance and representation to people who would otherwise be unable to afford legal services, helping them to achieve a better quality of life.

BAC has strong links with issues around poverty and food poverty in particular, supporting Lambeth Larder and also facilitating research. They also have a habit of being a little unconventional, and enjoy working with artists and creatives on collaborations that promote their community and its wider participation whilst also raising awareness of the issues it faces.


Navigate aims to equip individuals and communities with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to overcome social isolation and financial hardship through high-quality, accessible advice services.

Navigate’s work benefits individuals and families facing financial hardship and exclusion. Their current projects cover districts in Somerset and Devon. Experienced specialist advisers offer 1:1 advice, group-support and training. The needs of clients are at the heart of what they do. Their services are designed and delivered for the needs of their clients. Every person is an individual, everyone’s circumstances are different so they tailor their approach and delivery accordingly.


Just for Kids Law


Just for Kids Law supports children and young people with a unique direct casework model that helps them to overcome all the problems they face, and use evidence from our practice to campaign for wider reform.

  • Helping children and young people navigate their way through challenging times with a unique casework model that combines youth advocacy, legal representation and youth opportunities support.
  • It is not just the children and young people we work with directly who benefit from the impact of our work: we fight for wider change that affects all children and young people, taking the evidence from our direct casework as a starting point.
  • Our impact and learning reports show the difference we make to young lives every day.

Just for Kids Law YouTube film


Leeds University Student Union Advice








LUU is there to support students in need of advice and guidance, from issues such as deposits, conflicts with housemates, exam results to appeal, financial worries and personal and emotional challenges.

They help students with pretty much everything, but here are some key areas they have offered support:

  • Living in Leeds, staying safe and any house hunting or renting problems;
  • Exam support, appeal procedures or any aspect of studying at Leeds;
  • Postgraduate and international student specific queries;
  • Budgeting advice and financial support;
  • Mental health, relationship and addiction advice.


Brooksbank Advice Project Scotland

Brooksbank Centre & Services has been operating as an independent charity since 2008, with the aim of delivering citywide services, strengthening communities and alleviating poverty in Dundee. The charity operates from their Centre in Mid Craigie, serving the needs of the local community.

The centre enables public access to:

  • Free Debt & Benefit Advice Service
  • Child Safety Equipment Scheme for Low Income Households
  • Community Café
  • Free Internet Access
  • Youth Groups
  • 50+ Group
  • Access to Free Legal Advice
  • Access to a Credit Union

Brooksbank Centre & Services aim to reduce the effects of poverty and social inequalities in the communities of Mid Craigie, Linlathen and other areas within Dundee


Our members give advice on a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Dealing with debts
  • Welfare benefits
  • Housing rights
  • Employment rights
  • Consumer problems
  • Immigration and Asylum
  • Pursuing complaints and appeals
  • Family and children’s rights
  • Disability rights
  • Income maximisation
  • Problems arising from particular health conditions
  • Social care problems

Did you know?

Our Members..

  • invented the work itself in the 1890s
  • invented the practice of debt advice in the 1970s
  • started the first services focused on communities of interest rather than geographical communities
  • seated advice work in campaigns e.g. around housing, employment or immigration rights
  • started the first telephone helplines in the 1980s
  • pioneered new business models from the ‘noughties’ to today

Member Directory

If you need to locate an advice organisation within our network, you can find them on our Member Directory or our Scottish Member Directory.

 Latest News 

Together, AdviceUK members are a vibrant and diverse community of advice services. They are at the heart of everything we do as a team of staff and trustees at AdviceUK.  This is because we know how important it is for our members to exist, whether part of a student union, housing association or large charity – or a small, independent, service providing general advice to their local community or specialist advice. 

Woman receiving advice with baby in arms

AdviceUK have been working with the Scottish Government to distribute almost £1 million of funding to partnerships between advice agencies and other local services in Scotland, such as schools, charities, hospitals and mental health services, as part of the government’s new Accessible Advice Fund.

We are really proud to publish our latest annual impact report, describing the work of our Influencing and Engagement team in 2022-23 and shows how our work has helped to improve our members’ ability to support the people who use their services.

AdviceUK is delighted to announce that it has successfully secured three years of funding from London Legal Support Trust to work with London’s minority ethnic and migrant communities, AdviceUK members, and those resourcing them. Together we will co-design Workforce Pathways that understand and improve the experiences of people as they start working or volunteering in the advice sector and progressing their careers.