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 About us 

We are a small charity that makes a big impact. Our purpose is to improve the lives of people in need of advice. We do this by supporting our members, so it is easier for them to help their clients, and by directly influencing policy-makers, decision-makers and funders.


Our vision is a society wherein every individual, regardless of means, is able to access the advice they need in order to exercise their rights and deal with any legal and social welfare problems they may face.



Our mission is to support advice organisations, by helping them to be efficient, competent and effective, and to campaign for a policy environment that supports advice agencies and people needing advice.


Annually, our work supports our members to advise over 1.7m people on a diverse range of issues including debt, housing, benefits and immigration problems and provide support for specific communities including students, disabled people and people experiencing domestic violence.


AdviceUK Members


Clients offered free advice by our members

We continuously invest in the systems and processes that help us to measure our impact. We are increasingly an evidence-based organisation, measuring what matters and using data alongside other evidence e.g. member feedback, quantitative and qualitative research; to assess our impact and drive our decision-making.

In 2023 we have, among many things:

  • Welcomed 47 new members who now benefit from the support and expertise of our network
  • Retained 93% of our members, with those who left doing so because of closure or funding constraints
  • Secured and directly delivered £1.3m of funding to advice services including our members


We are fair
  • We support people and show empathy
  • We are open, transparent and responsible
  • We promote diversity and inclusion
We are independent
  • We challenge where change is needed
  • We stand up for what we believe in
  • We celebrate the uniqueness of AdviceUK and our members.
We are collaborative
  • We work together to achieve shared goals
  • We build trusted relationships
  • We listen with an open mind, adopt a flexible and pragmatic approach
We are creative
  • We are bold and dynamic in our approach
  • We reflect and learn from experience
  • We develop solutions and support based on evidence




our members and, through them, the communities they serve

We do this by:

  • Listening to and involving members in how we shape the support we provide for their advice-giving needs
  • Providing benefits and services that strengthen and sustain community-based advice giving
for our members and through them, the communities they serve.

We do this by:

  • Working with members and stakeholders; understanding what’s important to them and, where needed, championing change 
  • Representing and raising awareness of our members collectively: in ways that value their diversity and independence.
our members with each other and key stakeholders.

We do this by:

  • Nurturing collaboration, peer support and shared learning, building long-term partnerships.
  • Developing and sustaining diverse networks that benefit members and stakeholders.
leading change that improves people’s lives and strengthens community advice

We do this by

  • Developing and facilitating better ways of giving and resourcing advice that improve the lives of people with legal and social welfare problems.
  • Providing members with advice and insight into new ideas and emerging trends



With a new three-year strategy (2024-2027) and the Board has made a significant investment in our capacity, new support services as well as innovation. We are excited about the next stage of AdviceUK’s journey and determined to deliver the support and advice that members, the wider advice sector and their communities need. Among the highlights will be:

our members and, through them, the communities they serve

We will be:

  • Launching a new wellbeing and health service benefit for our members who tell us their work can be difficult and stressful
  • Growing our membership, with an initial focus on reaching more advice services in the housing sector
  • Improving our learning and skills support to members and the wider advice sector
for our members and through them, the communities they serve.

We will be:

  • Influencing funders to secure more funds for members and other advice services
  • Launching a new #AdviceSaves campaign, to raise awareness of our members’ vital services and to campaign for more support. This will include the first ever Advice Week.
  • Supporting a number of grant programmes, working with members, Scottish Government, London Funders and others
  • Working with members and others to provide solutions to the workforce challenges faced by the advice sector
our members with each other and key stakeholders.

We will be:

  • Developing new peer-to-peer online communities for our members, so they can connect, share and learn together
  • Growing the range of online forums and face-to-face events we provide for members
leading change that improves people’s lives and strengthens community advice

We will be:

  • Growing our understanding and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a charity
  • Developing AI guidance, support & services for members.
  • Continuing to improve and develop the quality of the data we gather from members and potential members
  • Growing our use of personalisation within our communications with members and stakeholders
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