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Trustfolio and AdvicePro enhance adviser support to clients

BY Emma Coates | March 27, 2024

AdviceUK, the UK’s largest network of advice-giving organisations, has today announced an exciting collaboration with Trustfolio and AdvicePro to provide an initial free 3 months’ instant access to client credit reports. This service enables advisers to enhance the quality and speed of service they are able to offer clients, saving time and money by removing the administrative burden of gathering clients’ financial information.

The seamless integration of the Trustfolio Debt Adviser Support Portal functionality with the AdvicePro Case Management System allows advisers to easily access client data within one platform.

The trial offer is open to AdviceUK members using AdvicePro in England. However, anyone can sign up to use the IMA award-winning Trustfolio Debt Adviser Support Portal on a paid-for basis. Users benefit from instant access to Experian & TransUnion credit reports with account numbers and 12 months’ bank statements, which are automatically categorised into monthly income and expenditure.
The service also hosts a panel of Insolvency Practitioners where advisers can review information about each IP with performance statistics and refer a client to an IP for a Trust Deed or IVA with confidence.
The rollout of the trial will commence from the 1st April and we are confident that it will have a significant and positive impact on advisers and the clients they serve.

AdviceUK Members using AdvicePro in England interested in taking up this offer, will need to sign up with Trustfolio to arrange access. If you would like to sign up or would like further information, please contact: