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Trustees, Directors and Officers Insurance

Members of your board or management committee carry ultimate responsibility for the organisation. They can be sued in their individual capacity as Trustees, Directors or Committee members for any wrongful act – for example a breach of duty or trust. Many trustees will insist on the security of a Trustees, Directors and Officers insurance policy. The policy will protect the members of your board or management committee – whether they’re called trustees, committee members or directors.

The VCS policy covers: the cost of any claim made against an individual for any wrongful act committed in the role of trustee, director or officer. The complete definition of a wrongful act is contained in the policy wording but can be summarised as an actual or alleged breach of duty, breach of trust, misstatement, misrepresentation, omission or breach of warranty of authority, libel or slander. The policy will cover the costs of defending any accusation of a wrongful act.

The VCS policy also has a number of key additional extensions including cover for: representation at investigations, outside entity directors, retired directors and crisis management costs.
Applying for Trustees, Directors and Officers insurance through AdviceUK
Applying for trustees, directors and officers insurance through AdviceUK couldn’t be easier. We will work to make the process as smooth and easy for you as we can. It is our job to make sure that you get the right insurance product for you in a manner that is timely, efficient and friendly.

If any of the information here doesn’t make sense, or you would like to discuss your personal circumstances you can contact insurance

Below you will find some FAQs that you may find helpful.

Q: How much are we covered for?
A: You can opt for levels of indemnity of £250,000, £500,000 and £1,000,000. The level of indemnity you choose applies in the aggregate (it is the total amount you can claim per insurance period).

Q: When will our cover start?
A: Please speak with our team for more information on 0300 777 0106 or contact us

Q: Are there any restrictions on which organisations can apply for this policy?
A: Any advice centre can apply for trustees, directors and officers insurance through AdviceUK. It is our duty as your broker to carry out a demands and requirements assessment for you so that we can accurately assess whether or not the insurance products we arrange are right for you.

TDO Insurance – Application process for members

Members are entitled to discounts on all AdviceUK insurance products including Trustees, Directors and Officers insurance. Non-members can also get insurance through AdviceUK, please complete the documents below and return to us at

Applying for a quote is very simple:

  1. Download the wording and our Terms of Business and ensure that you have read them. You will find them below.
  2. Download a proposal form, also below, complete it and send it to us.
  3. We will send you a quote based on your circumstances.
  4. If you decide to go ahead, we will send you an invoice. Once we have received payment we will send out your receipt, certificate and policy wording.
  5. You’re covered.

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