The AdviceUK Foundation Fund

Helping our Members to Help Others

Our 700+ member advice centres throughout the UK help around 2 million people each year to resolve problems with debt, housing, employment, bureaucracy, welfare rights and much more.

But they need help to keep doing what they do.

Our Foundation Fund is a way for you to help too

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What is the AdviceUK Foundation Fund?

The Foundation Fund is AdviceUK’s vehicle for raising funds to support its members. The Fund received its first donation in 2017 and we’ve been building it since to create an endowment and income from which to provide grants.

How will it work?

  • Only AdviceUK members will be able to access the funds that the Foundation Fund will hold
  • Members will be able to apply for one-off grants for development and improvement purposes
  • The Fund will be overseen by a Grants Panel led by an independent Chair

How will it make a difference?

Demand for advice has never been greater. After years of austerity, cuts, bungled ‘reforms’ and falling real incomes, millions more people are living close to the edge and more likely to need outside help when something goes wrong. Advice services are there to help but they themselves are struggling. Most are local charities and they all have to raise their own funds. But after years of austerity and cuts there are fewer of them and their incomes are much lower. Many are surviving hand to mouth with nothing to spare for the kind of things that maintain standards or create efficiencies, such as training or new technology. Often the amounts that would make a difference are relatively small. That’s where the Foundation Fund aims to help – small grants to make a big difference.

What Advice Services Do

Advice services help people overcome or manage problems so they can get on with the rest of their lives. They help people know their rights and responsibilities in civil law and how to exercise them. They help give them more control. Sometimes this is about cutting through the complexity and confusion often caused by big institutions, whether public or private. Advising on what applies, where to go and what to do in a given situation is a lot of what advice services do. But sometimes advice has to be much more hands-on. This often follows an unwelcome event such as bereavement, divorce, redundancy or a serious accident or illness that triggers a whole cluster of inter-related problems such as crippling debt or homelessness that threaten to completely de-rail a person’s (or a whole family’s) life. In this type of situation comprehensive advice, problem-management and sometimes representation becomes crucial, life changing and in some cases life-saving.

The difference our members make

“Thank you for being there when I needed you, you helped me to focus on my housing options (not many!). I’m still not there yet but your advice helped me hugely and I am rebuilding my life”. Shalma B, Local Resident helped by member of AdviceUK

“My life was a financial mess Vicky helped me so much to sort out my life.” Oaola V, helped by member of AdviceUK

I can’t put it into words how relieved I am not to have to go to court. I also know without your help it wouldn’t have happened. The words seem somehow inadequate …but once again, Thank You!” Rachel, Nucleus Client

“Thanks to IHAG’s support I was able to make a complaint about the way I was treated by PIP and have now had a large benefit award and an apology from the Head Judge. Thank you” Anon, IHAG Client

“I felt the friendly helpful staff alleviated the stresses and pressures of my outstanding debts. Moving forward to helping declaring myself Bankrupt which removed all my pressures and enabled me to begin a new stress free life”. Anon, IHAG Client

The difference you can make

We are seeking to raise funds from:

  • Fundraising events
  • Corporate donations and sponsorships
  • Block grants from trusts and foundations
  • Individual donations

We would welcome your sponsorship when our own staff and trustees participate in fundraising events for the Foundation Fund. Even better, when you’re next organising or taking part in an event please consider us as your good cause.

If your company has a charity of the year, gives occasional donations or has dormant funds to dispose of please consider us. We can provide
any financial accountabilities or indemnities required.

For grant-making Trusts and Foundations we can facilitate support to hundreds of charities through a single grant for a specified programme with full reporting.

Here are some examples of how your money can help:

  • £50 covers all costs of a typical advice session
  • £100 pays for a day’s training for a new adviser
  • £500 pays for 1 adviser’s specialist software for a year

We welcome donations via:

For more information about the AdviceUK Foundation Fund please download our flyer below:

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