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How to grow advice giving that makes people’s lives better

BY Dal Warburton | February 1, 2024

Do you have space to stop, take stock and make change in your life?

Creating this kind of space is usually challenging, but can be transformative, both personally and professionally – and partnering with others makes it easier to stay on track.

Since 2020, the Aviva Foundation has enabled Talking Money and St Pauls Advice Centre, together with support from AdviceUK, to develop a Whole Person, Whole Community Approach to advice-giving, with a focus on money, debt and financial resilience.

Space to learn, reflect and make change

In this work, we’ve learnt a lot about the importance of space for learning. One way that AdviceUK is resourcing organisations to learn is through a growing knowledgebase for members covering topics like case recording, the typical experiences of people getting advice, and job descriptions for advisers.

Why community-based advice matters

As a network, we have also been taken back to our roots: community-based advice recognises that treating people as passive ‘beneficiaries’ or ‘customers’ risks failing to understand what’s really important to them, and misses out on the strengths and resources they bring to the table.

Do you fund or commission advice services?

It’s increasingly clear that meaningful change is not just about those giving or getting advice. If you support advice services as a funder or commissioner, AdviceUK has resources and guidance for you. We can also give you opportunities to learn alongside advice services: a great way of doing this is observing advice services in action. We invite you to get in touch by contacting our Influencing team.

Get involved in a community of practice

AdviceUK has 700+ members in communities across England, Scotland and Wales, advising over 1.4 million people annually, with 255 members giving FCA-regulated advice. Over the course of 2024 and into 2025, AdviceUK will be developing and resourcing diverse communities of practice to learn how advice can improve people’s lives. Again, please contact contact our Influencing team if you’d like to find out more.

Image credit: Name_Gravity and Vince Fleming