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Facts and figures

Knowledge of what is happening now, across England, Scotland and Wales, is central to our ability to influence.

We use data from Salesforce, our CRM, and AdvicePro, the casework management system used by the majority of our members, to understand the issues affecting our members and the people they advise.

The diversity of our membership gives us unparalleled access to a wide range of perspectives and insights into social welfare advice provision, as well as direct information from AdvicePro on demand for, and supply of advice.

This knowledge enables us to act as a strong and persuasive voice for the independent advice sector, ensuring that our members’ views are heard and that the experiences of the individuals and communities they serve are recognised.


AdvicePro cases by area of social welfare law

January 2022 – October 2023

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AdvicePro cases by area of social welfare law

January 2021 – November 2022

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Advice Trends 2021

A total of 372,961 cases were opened by AdviceUK members on the AdvicePro case management system in 2021.

As in previous years, over half of all cases opened were welfare benefits cases. Debt was the second largest area of social welfare law and accounted for a quarter of total cases, followed by housing, immigration and employment.

Total case volumes varied throughout the course of the year. As in previous years, the months with the lowest volumes were those that coincided with Easter, the summer holidays and Christmas.


Download full Advice Trends 2021 report


 Latest News 

Together, AdviceUK members are a vibrant and diverse community of advice services. They are at the heart of everything we do as a team of staff and trustees at AdviceUK.  This is because we know how important it is for our members to exist, whether part of a student union, housing association or large charity – or a small, independent, service providing general advice to their local community or specialist advice. 

Woman receiving advice with baby in arms

AdviceUK have been working with the Scottish Government to distribute almost £1 million of funding to partnerships between advice agencies and other local services in Scotland, such as schools, charities, hospitals and mental health services, as part of the government’s new Accessible Advice Fund.

We are really proud to publish our latest annual impact report, describing the work of our Influencing and Engagement team in 2022-23 and shows how our work has helped to improve our members’ ability to support the people who use their services.

AdviceUK is delighted to announce that it has successfully secured three years of funding from London Legal Support Trust to work with London’s minority ethnic and migrant communities, AdviceUK members, and those resourcing them. Together we will co-design Workforce Pathways that understand and improve the experiences of people as they start working or volunteering in the advice sector and progressing their careers.