The EHRC Adviser Support service is now available!

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is providing a service for advisers and those who support individuals with their problems. Do you want the chance to talk through a case involving equality or human rights issues? Experts at EHRC Adviser Support are available to assist, through a telephone-based second tier advice service.

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EHRC Adviser Support

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has launched a new second-tier advice helpline so that advisors and caseworkers can ring them for informal expert advice on equality and human rights issues.

EHRC Adviser Support will support those working in frontline agencies (including the advice sector, solicitors, other organisations providing advice to individuals, trade unions, and ombudsman schemes) to gain access to high quality advice from our experts at the Commission. This builds on existing work in Scotland and Wales.

Why are they developing EHRC Adviser Support?

They have committed to work more closely with the advice sector and alternative dispute resolution systems to exchange expertise and intelligence. They believe that increased exchange of expertise will improve the experiences of people with equality or human rights-related complaints by ensuring that frontline agencies are supported to provide high quality advice on equality and human rights issues.

What kind of advice is available?

The telephone-based service offers:

  • Signposting to relevant sections of the codes of practice or legislation
  • The opportunity to talk through a case
  • Tailored advice on how the law applies to the facts of a specific case, such as:
    • whether or not a particular course of conduct is likely to amount to discrimination
    • whether a person is protected by the Act, for example in the case of associative discrimination or meeting the definition of disability
    • what type of discrimination is in play, and the relevant legal principles, exemptions and exceptions
    • procedures for bringing various claims
    • whether and which human rights are engaged,  and whether they are qualified, absolute or restricted
    • whether the threshold for interference with those rights is likely to be met, and whether that interference is potentially lawful/unlawful.

Online Resources

Alongside the helpline they will also be making complimentary online resources available to assist advisors and caseworkers in addressing equality and human rights issues that arise in casework.

How can I find out more?

Please click here to visit our website.

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