Sustained relationship develops from ongoing partnership with borough-based support and development organization.

This case study focuses on the benefits which have been delivered out of relationships developed by AdviceUK and local agencies and which have been possible through funding from London Councils for the Stronger Organisations Benefiting Londoners (SOBeL) programme.

A number of groups have been supported by an AdviceUK’s development consultant in the borough of Islington. This has been by virtue of the brokering of one-to-one sessions by Voluntary Action Islington (VAI) with locally based organisations requiring specialist support. The support given to the Kurdish & Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation (KMEWO) illustrates well this work.

AdviceUK started to work with KMEWO since September 2014 initially on opportunities to access funds. They were also advised on how to improve engagement at a local level with agencies such as Healthwatch and the local Law Centre for example.

After an initial meeting at the surgery set up by VAI the relationship of KMEWO and AdviceUK developed beyond the surgery – differently to the support given to other local agencies which in many instances are one-off. Advice UK went on then to start helping KMEWO looking into the legacy of their ‘Women’s Learning for Living Project’ which has been funded by the Big Lottery since 2012. They wanted to develop a Phase 2 of this project and to apply for renewed funding from same funder. This involved:

  • reviewing the previous bid to Big Lottery
  • scoping how best to approach the fact that KEMWO wanted to continue offering support to women who they worked with in Phase I and were now looking to further their opportunities
  • advising on ways that, in Phase II of the project, they could progress in opening up qualifications eg NVQs for women who benefited from Phase I
  • reviewing their commissioned evaluation report on Phase I
  • running a half-day planning session focused on Phase II

KEMWO is now in final preparations to submit a new bid to Big Lottery Reaching Communities. The ongoing relationship developed with AdviceUK means that they will continue to have access to trusted consultancy services.

Many thanks for the today meeting and all information regarding Big lottery fund and please see the attached email the previous (BLF) outline proposal and waiting for your support and suggestion.

 Kindest regard
Sawsan Salim
Kurdish & Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation

A similar sustained support was developed in Islington with the Community Language Support Services which AdviceUK has helped to secure funding from Trust for London and Big Lottery’s Awards for All.

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