2012: Sustainable Debt Advice

AdviceUK’s Sustainable Debt Advice Project, or SDAP, is aims to provide alternative sources of funding for the free debt advice sector.  It also aims to improve the sustainability of debt repayments, benefiting both clients and creditors.

After piloting the SDAP model with 9 advice agencies, AdviceUK has made it available to more agencies.

AdviceUK is working in partnership with Payplan and ACMS, the developers of the AdvicePro case management system.  We provide a fast track process for referring clients to Payplan for a DMP (Debt Management Plan) or IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement).  When a DMP or IVA has been successfully established, a payment will be made to the referring agency.

We also provide access to Payplan’s payment distribution system so that clients can make a single regular payment for disbursement to both priority and non-priority creditors.

What happened far?

The pilot phase of the project ran from April 2012 to March 2013 and was then independently evaluated by Public Perspectives, specialists in research and evaluation for the public and third sectors.  The summary and full reports are now available:

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