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Do you oversee the work of others?

We have a number of development opportunities for professionals who carry a caseload of clients and/or have responsibility for managing a team or project. Our training courses have been designed by the sector for the sector, and are focused on giving you the knowledge and skills you need to perform effectively in your role.

Our qualifications for senior advice staff include Advice & Guidance and Legal Advice qualifications at Level 4 to reflect the diversity of roles in the sector. In addition, we offer Management qualifications for those who oversee operations and work strategically. Talk to us about which of these would best meet your needs. If you are new to a management role, you will find Effective Supervision for Managers and Supervisors useful. It is designed to flex and develop your supervisory skills. You may be responsible for disseminating up-to-date sector information, in which case our Update seminars will fit the bill.

Or perhaps you run your service with support from volunteers. If so, Making the most of your volunteers will ensure you utilise their knowledge and skills effectively.

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and I came away with a great set of handouts that will help me set up effective supervision in my own organisation.”

Wendy Dant, Advice Services Manager, Oxford Brookes Students Union Advice Centre
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