Introduction to Housing and Homelessness

Please note, this is a 2 day module, offered for those booking Learning to Advise and is not offered on its own.

Dates for this two day course:
Spring: 10-11th March 2020
Summer: 7-8th July 2020
Autumn: 24-25th November 2020

This module is offered with the support of NHAS

 Introduction to Housing and Homelessness (2 days)

Members – £190, Voluntary sector £240 + VAT, all others £275 + VAT

Learning objectives

  • Explain the importance of determining Housing Status
  • Describe the rights and responsibilities of occupiers
  • Explain the process a landlord needs to follow in order to legally evict an occupier
  • Recognise when a case may need to be referred• Recognise the impact of homelessness on the individual and society
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of different options to the problem
  • Decide when making a homelessness application may be appropriate & when duty to provide accommodation is triggered
  • Recognise how to deal with ‘Gatekeeping’
  • Explain how you would give basic advice to a client and/or recognise when further specialist help is required


  • Brief history/overview of Housing law over last 30 years
  • Licences and tenancies – what they are and how to identify
  • Different types of landlord (private, PRPs and Local authority)
  • Different types of occupiers
  • Rights and Responsibilities of occupiers
  • Tenancy Deposit Schemes
  • The eviction process including grounds, notices and possession procedure in the court
  • The causes and effects of homelessness and the vicious cycle
  • General housing options – hostels, refuges, private sector etc…
  • The statutory definition of homelessness
  • The five statutory tests to determine which local authority homeless duty is owed
  • The accommodation duties (interim, full and for the intentionally homeless)
  • ‘Gatekeeping’ practices and challenging decisions
  • Housing Allocations – the ‘waiting list’ and bidding for social housing

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