GDPR – Data Protection & Confidentiality

“Brill! Very knowledgeable trainer”
William Waldron, Centre 63

“Trainer dealt with individual issues well”
David Harris, The Cameron Fund

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This course is also available in-house. Please also ask about our AdviceUK’s consultancy services.

The GDPR will come into force in the UK from May 2018.  Advice services work with complex sets of sensitive personal data and are increasingly working with this data using a range of platforms and channels.  Service effectiveness and future sustainability depends more and more on getting insight from the data you gather in the course of your work.  This training will help you and your service to think through the issues holistically, review your current practice and take action to meet your legal obligations and improve services for the people you advise.


 Confidentiality is a core commitment of AdviceUK members and a hallmark of independent social welfare advice.  Many aspects of confidentiality are closely linked with data protection and data security, but you need to distinguish clearly between these concepts.  What should your confidentiality policy contain?  When can confidentiality be breached?  What should people using your service expect when they deal with you and how can you communicate this to them effectively?  What steps do you need to take to make sure that your approach to confidentiality works in practice, particularly where complex considerations such as prevention of harm and conflicts of interest may apply?  This training will support you to review your current ways of working, and to identify and address areas for improvement.

Data Protection: Preparing for GDPR / Confidentiality in the Advice Process

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