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19th – 20th Nov 2019
17th -18th Mar 2020
30th Jun – 1st Jul 2020
17th-18th Nov 2020
LondonIntroduction to Money and Debt Advice (2 days)Open/In-House
5th Nov – 11th Dec 2019
25th Feb – 2nd Apr 2020
2nd Jun – 9th Jul 2020
3rd Nov – 10th Dec 2020
LondonLearning to Advise Training (Multi-Day)Open/In-House
3rd – 4th Dec 2019
21st & 28th Jan 2020
24th – 25th Mar 2020
16th – 17th Jun 2020
15th – 16th Sept 2020
1st – 2nd Dec 2020

LondonIntroduction to Welfare Benefits (2 days)Open/In-House
10th Dec 2019London & NationwideUniversal CreditIn-House
12th Dec 2019
2nd Apr 2020
23rd Jun 2020
10th Dec 2020
LondonEffective Case RecordingOpen/In-House
12 Dec 2019
19 Mar 2020
Advanced Skills in AdviceOpen/In-House
20th Feb 2020
21st Sept 2020
London & NationwideMentoring and Coaching SkillsOpen/In-House
25th Feb 2020
2nd Jun 2020
3rd Nov 2020
LondonAdvice Skills PlusOpen/In-House
3rd Mar 2020
9th Jun 2020
10th Nov 2020

LondonHandling Difficult Client SituationsOpen/In-House
4th Mar 2020
10th Jun 2020
11th Nov 2020
LondonStudent Advice – An OverviewOpen/In-House
10-11 Mar 2020
7-8 July 2020
24-25 Nov 2020
LondonIntroduction to Housing and Homelessness (2 days)Open/In-House
31st Mar 2020
24th Jun 2020
9th Dec 2020
LondonIntroduction to Employment Law (1 day)Open/In-House
22nd Oct 2020

LondonPersonal Safety and Managing ConflictOpen/In-House
NationwideMotivational Interviewing – Helping Clients to Achieve ChangeOpen/In-House
London Resilience for Advisers: Empathy and Burnout in the Not for Profit SectorOpen/In-House
TBCSheffieldStudent Union Advice Services
Networking and Learning event

TBCNationwideBenefits for Disabled PeopleOpen/In-House
TBCLondonCustomer Service in the Third SectorOpen/In-House
TBCLondonInterview SkillsOpen
TBCLondonMental Health AwarenessOpen/In-House
TBCNationwideAdvice for Non-Advice Giving AgenciesIn-House
TBCGlasgowGDPR – Data Protection & Confidentiality for Scottish MembersOpen
TBCLondonGDPR – Data Protection & ConfidentialityOpen/ In-House
TBCNationwideMaking the Most of your VolunteersIn-House
TBCNationwideManaging Change & Developing Personal ResilienceIn-House
TBCNationwideNVQ Advice & Guidance QualificationsQualification
TBCNationwideSupporting Clients with Mental Health IssuesIn-House
TBCNationwideSupporting Clients with Substance Misuse IssuesIn-House
TBCNationwideUniversal Credit and Budgeting – Helping your clients manage the financial changeIn-House
TBCNationwideUniversal Credit & Social Housing clientsIn-House
TBCNationwideSafeTalk Suicide Awareness for EveryoneOpen/In-House
TBCNationwideIntroduction to Signposting using UK AdviceFinderOpen/In-House
TBCNationwideBenefits for Vulnerable Adults – an Overview (1 day)In-House
TBCLondonMental Health First Aid – 2 daysOpen/In-House
TBCTBCBenefits for Older PeopleOpen/In-House

Do you work directly with clients?

We have a number of development opportunities for professionals who give advice to members of the public. Our training courses have been designed by the sector for the sector, and are focused on giving you the knowledge and skills you need to perform effectively in your role.

Our qualifications for front-line advisers include both Advice & Guidance and Legal Advice qualifications to reflect the diversity of adviser roles in the sector. Talk to us about which one would best meet your needs.

If you are new to advising and need an overview of the various areas of social welfare law, Learning to Advise can meet your needs. You may be experienced and have a wealth of well developed skills but little time, in which case our Update seminars will fit the bill.

“We have found the way that AdviceUK delivers courses to be very supportive. The trainers create a relaxed environment that encourages learners’ personal development.”

Michelle Martin, Chief Executive, Volunteer Centre Greenwich

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