Training and Qualifications

If you work in the advice sector and want to develop your skills, broaden your knowledge or just keep up with current practice, AdviceUK’s Training & Qualifications team has a solution for you. We offer a range of courses and qualifications, covering every aspect of advice. Our training is delivered by experienced practitioners at an affordable price.

Please see our range of Online Training Courses below:

AdviceUK NVQ Advice & Guidance Qualifications are still open and available, with your induction taking place online.

Please find our full online course lists by choosing the sector you work in by clicking on the relevant pictures below:

Advice Agencies

Student Unions


Public Sector / Local Government

Some of our training and qualifications courses may also be appropriate for organisations in the sectors below. Please contact our training and qualifications team to discuss your needs

Higher Education

Legal Advice

Private Sector

Access to Wiseradviser

Wiseradviser blended learning is provided by the Money Advice Trust (MAT) to members of its partner organisations in the UK free advice sector and also to certain other organisations and individuals. In most cases, access to Wiseradviser services is free upon registration. Further details are available on the wiseradviser website.

AdviceUK is a MAT partner organisation. Advisers working for members of the AdviceUK network can benefit from the full blend of learning provided by Wiseradviser including:


Wiseradviser offers face-to-face training in a range of locations nationwide. This is available at three skill levels – Generalist, Caseworker and Specialist – to assist advisers in their development as money advisers. For further details see the Money Advice Standards document at the bottom of this page.


News and reference materials on money advice related subjects.


Discussion Forums specifically targeting money advice related matters.

How to find out more

The full blend of learning can be accessed through the wiseradviser website.

It is necessary to register first. The registration process is straightforward. Members of MAT’s partner organisations will be approved to access the site within four working days and advisers will receive an email to confirm when their registration has been approved.

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