AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit

In response to help required by AdviceUK members and the impending implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect on 25th May 2018 we have created the AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit.

What’s included in the AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit?
The AdviceUK Toolkit includes a number of our services that are tailored to help you address any GDPR issues you may be having at whatever stage you are at, and includes:

  • AdviceUK Consulting – tailored support to help you prepare for GDPR, review your existing policies and procedures and understand your obligations. We understand the specific and complex issues that advice services may encounter and have in-depth experience of helping organisations to prepare for GDPR.
  • AdvicePRO – Your data and how you use it is more than just about money – it is about trust and reputation. AdvicePro is designed to make it easier for you to comply with data protection laws, including the GDPR. Find out how your client and case management system can make it easier for you to comply with guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office and communicate effectively with your service users.
  • AdviceUK Training & Qualifications – Advice services work with increasingly complex sets of sensitive personal data, using a range of platforms and channels. We offer in-house and open-access training for managers, advisers, trustees and directors to support your staff in your GDPR programme.
  • AdviceUK Insurance Services – in addition to putting in place robust measures to reduce the cyber risks they face, organisations should also consider purchasing cyber insurance. Cyber insurance will pay for (or provide specialist support for) repairing a data breach, repairing systems, reinstating data, removing a virus as a result of a hack, mitigating damage to reputation and covering any financial loss due to a cyber-attack. Speak to us to get a free copy of our comprehensive ‘Cyber Toolkit’ and to obtain a quotation for cyber insurance.
  • Jobs in Advice – Many organisations are trying to manage the GDPR with the staff they have. If you are under-resourced and need some extra help while you attend to the GDPR you can use Jobs in Advice to advertise for the roles you need.

How do I know what I need?
We have designed a flowchart to help you evaluate what AdviceUK Services you need. Through this process you should be able to identify the specific support that you need, or if you feel you need more comprehenisve help, please get in touch with us directly and we can put together a full package option.

AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit Chart

For more information on the the AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit, please contact us at or for a copy of the AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit, please download the flyer below:

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