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Supporting Money and Welfare Rights Advisorsvice sector
AdvicePro Money is an enhanced package for money and welfare rights advisors. It extends the capabilities of the core system in the key areas of debt advice, welfare rights cases and money guidance.

With AdvicePro Money you can create income and expenditure statements and produce the Common Financial Statement and the Standard Financial Statement in line with Money Advice Trust best practice. The application also provides a platform from which to manage your clients’ creditors. It contains a suite of ready to use debt management reports.


Detail on all stages of a welfare rights case can be entered and tracked through Benefit Check, Claim, Mandatory Reconsideration/Review and Appeal.

Our money guidance module lets you measure your clients’ levels of financial capability, setting benchmarks for the effectiveness of individual client financial education programmes whilst also building an overall picture of your client base.

AdvicePro Money is available with both Standard and Custom versions.

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