AdvicePro – Legal

Supporting Legal Aid Agency Contractors
AdvicePro Legal is a complete case management solution for Legal Aid Agency legal help and certificated work cases.

AdvicePro Legal is available with both Standard and Custom versions.

The system records:

  • Matter start codes and end points consistent with LAA guidelines
  • Advisor time spent on a case
  • External counsel costs and disbursements spent on a case

And allows you to:

  • Manage and report on work in progress
  • Calculate and display case claim details
  • Upload case claims to LAA Online

AdvicePro Legal helps you to monitor the progress of fixed fee cases. It tracks which cases are likely to qualify as ‘escape fee’. It also automatically calculates hourly or fixed fee variables for complex immigration cases.

AdvicePro Legal meets LAA reporting requirements for public certificated work. It allows you to track how your funding is being spent on each case.

The facility to add your own rates allows you to track non-LAA work.

For more information on AdvicePro Legal or to book a demonstration, contact us. For pricing information, get a quote.

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