AdvicePro – Core Services

AdvicePro is a fully-managed, secure web-based case management system developed specifically for the advice sector
The core system comes in two variants: Standard & Custom. The custom version incorporates all of the latest developments of the system enabling customisation of the pages views and menus to exactly suit the way you work.

AdvicePro Core Services

        • AdvicePro Custom and AdvicePro Standard both provide the same core services:
        • AdvicePro Custom and Standard capture client personal and socio-economic details and casework information over a wide range of matter types and provides all the basic tools to help you manage your case work
        • Captures client personal and socio-economic details and casework information over a wide range of matter types
        • Provides a range of productivity tools to help agencies deliver the best possible service to their clients
        • Assigns tasks by an agency manager to individuals, with reminders appearing on that advisor’s personal messageboard when they log on
        • Allows key dates to be set by advisors within individual cases with similar reminders
        • Case notes can be created and attached to client and case files as well as scanned documents and forms can also be attached, saving the need to copy and store key documents
        • The letters console lets agencies create their own letter templates which are automatically filled with the appropriate client and case data
        • In addition to a full suite of ready-to-use reports, AdvicePro’s ad hoc reporting tool allows users to build their own custom reports from any data held on the system

AdvicePro Custom

      • In AdvicePro Custom, an agency can be split into multiple teams of advisors. Each team can be optionally isolated from others where there is the need for privacy
      • Custom fields can be defined as text, number or currency
      • Option to hide fields agencies do not need
      • Any or all of this extra data can be built into custom reports as needed using AdvicePro’s ad hoc reporting tool
      • Agencies using AdvicePro Custom may also add their own choices to any of the dropdown menus used extensively throughout the system

For more information on customisation options, please view our Comparison Table.

Either of the core system variants can be combined with one or more specialist modules. Current modules are Money, Legal, and Student.

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