Advice Consultancy

What is Advice and Advice Consultancy?

Why are Advice Consultants so versatile and better equipped than other consultants?

Our consultants have worked in advice for years. Their knowledge and experience of the sector is second to none. We believe that advice skills are required – not just in the advice sector, but in every organisation and every sector. An understanding of how advice is given is vital whether you are front line advisor at an advice agency, a solicitor or a customer service representative.

Our consultants have the expertise to help you in a number of different areas – give us a call today and find out how AdviceUK Consulting can help you.

What do we offer?

AdviceUK Consulting offer paid-for consultancy services to a range of organisations across the voluntary, public and private sectors, with discounts for member organisations.

The consultancy is offered – tailored to your industry and organisation, but broadly is offered in the following groupings:

  • Organisational Structuring/ Strategic Planning
  • Running your Organisation
  • Workforce
  • Financial Health
  • Money Advice Consulting
  • Customer Services
  • Research & Insight

Our rates are available on request. Contact our consultants centrally on 0300 777 0107, or your local consultant for more information. We also provide bespoke training on a wide range of subjects

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