Running your Organisation

Our consultancy for advice agenices comes a many forms.

At AdviceUK we provide agencies with strategies to help them to organise and structure their organisations so that they can help their clients more effectively.

Through our consultancy programme for business analysis, we provide a number of consultancy tools to help you assess, evaluate and keep your organisation efficient.

The consultancy is provided on a modular basis depending on your needs or as an end to end solution.

All consultancy will be subject to an initial assessment/ evaluation to understand your needs, upon which we would be happy to provide a basic set of recommendations.

The AdviceUK health check is design to assess the strengths and weaknesses of an advice service. Its findings will lead to recommendations for action and options for future support from AdviceUK. The process involves an evaluation of the service’s operational systems and procedures. It is not tied to a particular quality standard, but is rather designed to offer a starting point for a wider range of options for future development. It is not intended to straitjacket centres or workers into prescribed patterns of behaviour.

Advice has the power to make people’s lives better, but setting up an advice service or an advice organisation can be challenging. We can work with you to plan new service development, choose what structure best suits your needs and help you ensure that any new venture is well placed to succeed. We can advise you on key regulatory requirements, governance structures, start-up funding, strategic planning, quality assurance, budgeting and costs. We can also provide you with information on insurance and client and case management software. Our standard 2-day package includes a face-to-face meeting and a tailored action plan to help you identify and prioritise next steps.

Are you moving to new premises? Are you thinking about making changes to the layout of your office? Often ignored or overlooked, the design of workspaces used for advice service provision can have a huge impact on the service. Our premises and workspace review will help you consider issues such as access and service reception, confidentiality, client and workforce safety, client experience and engagement, and adviser workload. We can help you ensure that your workspace is designed in ways that respond to what matters to clients and helps you sustain the service longer-term. Our standard 2-day package of support includes an onsite visit and written recommendations for follow up, and can be tailored further to your needs.

Internet use is growing inexorably and advice services already provide services using video conferencing, secure messaging and social media channels. How can your service make good use of new technologies? How can you understand and communicate where they should – and shouldn’t – be used? How can you learn from advice seekers about what works and how can you deploy new technology to improve the journeys they take? This half day session will update you on recent developments in the advice sector, look at specific examples of new technologies in action and give you a framework for assessing how and where new technology can improve current service delivery and future sustainability. We will consider examples relevant to client and case management, client communication and engagement, other communication and influencing work, collaborative working within and between services, knowledge management and service improvement.

Running a network or partnership can be both time-consuming and challenging. We can facilitate and manage networks either on your behalf or as an independent body. Our menu of support can include: network development and terms of reference; general network administration and communication; arrangement of meeting venues; drafting agendas and minutes of meetings; sourcing guest speakers; and engagement of partners and stakeholders.

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