Organisational Structuring/ Strategic Planning

AdviceUK Consulting offer a number of specialist services – unique to the the advice sector and designed to dramatically improve the efficiencies of the running of your organisation.

What can we do for you?

AdviceUK helps individual advice services, local advice networks and commissioners rethink what advice does and how it can contribute to fixing problems in communities.

We use the Vanguard Method for Systems Thinking to understand how advice services work and how they fit with other systems such as benefits administration, housing and homelessness services, support services, debt recovery or access to credit.

Because the Vanguard Method is designed to support leaders to learn, we don’t work like most consultants: we won’t produce project plans with outputs and timescales or reports for you to discuss in meetings (or leave on the shelf)! We’ll help you study and challenge your thinking, but this approach is about you getting out into your service and studying what happens, and using data gained in the work to experiment and find what works. When you start studying, what you learn dictates where you need to look next, and the amount of time leaders put in determines how long it takes.

we visit your organisation and spend time with managers and staff, introducing you to the key ideas of systems thinking and their relevance to advice. If you want to break the mould in your local area, contact us for more information about what we could do for you.

Asking better questions

Systems thinking gives you powerful and potentially revolutionary ways of understanding and improving services. It is centred on the people and communities you serve, and directly addresses the major questions facing advice organisations and others with an interest in advice:

  • How can current service delivery make our organisation more sustainable in the future?
  • How can advice be part of wider work to improve people’s lives?
  • What makes our service unique and valuable to others?
  • How can we make more of a difference to those we advise when resources are so tight?

Over the course of two days, we visit your organisation and spend time with managers and staff, introducing you to the key ideas of systems thinking and their relevance to advice. We explore what they might mean for your workplace and your approach to management and service design.

AdviceUK supports a wide range of organisations to achieve the Advice Quality Standard, whether at initial accreditation or at subsequent assessments for renewal. Many funders and commissioners look for advice services that meet externally-audited quality standards when they assess funding applications or tenders for advice service contracts. Our standard two-day support package includes a review of the written documentation required for assessment, recommendations for action and an on-site visit to see your service in action. We will also explore with you how quality assurance can help you develop new income streams and sustain existing ones. If required, we can tailor this package further to your needs.

Many funders encourage or require organisations they support to carry out independent evaluation of their work. AdviceUK believes that independent evaluation of services can give you vital perspectives on how to improve your services and strengthen their long-term sustainability. We have wide-ranging experience of undertaking this work, including project evaluations linked to major funding programmes such as the Advice Services Transition Fund, Help through Crisis and Reaching Communities. We also have in-depth experience of undertaking project evaluations with a view to future service development, resulting in significant income generation for the organisations concerned.

What do we do – and what difference does it make?

Confused about the difference between outputs and outcomes?Looking for better ways of measuring performance or evidencing your impact? Struggling to monitor the work you are doing day-to-day?

Our standard two-day consultancy support package reviews your current monitoring and evaluation practice, making recommendations for change and exploring ways in which you can capture the value of current service activities and support future service development. Our consultants have particular expertise in advice service provision, use of new technologies, the role of client and case management systems and monitoring and evaluation for income generation.

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