AdviceUK consulting can help advice agencies with a variety of  workforce and personnel matters. Our services include:

Are your Terms of Service fit for Purpose?

As services develop and change, it can be easy to lose sight of what your service is there to do – and what the boundaries to your work are. This 1-day support package will help you review your terms of service and purpose and make sure that you are still on track. We help you to consider and communicate your boundaries in relation to issues such as confidentiality, conflicts of interest, independence, levels of service, client expectations and safeguarding.

Are you looking to restructure your advice service? Do the people in your workforce – whether paid staff or volunteers – have the skills they need to deliver services effectively? We can review your current organisational structure and explore how it can best be configured to achieve your strategic aims and objectives. Depending on your needs, our support can include: independent consultation of trustees, senior managers, staff and volunteers; review of staff contracts, job descriptions, person specifications and volunteer agreement; review of performance and line management arrangements; review of pay structures; guidance on redundancy and service closure. We also undertake audits of your workforce, including recommendations for training, qualifications and other learning opportunities; continuing professional development; and arrangement to promote adviser well-being and support.

AdviceUK-Law student placement schemes is a fantastic opportunity for advice organisations, students and universities

AdviceUK in conjunction with a number of universities has selected and trained high quality law students to carry out placements in advice agencies. It is a fantastic opportunity to bring in new and fresh thinking resources.  AdviceUK selects, recruits, trains the students, oversees the scheme, liaises with the university and evaluates the schemes.

Please contact Chilli Reid AdviceUK’s  Executive Director who is behind the schemes. He would be delighted to tell you more. Even if you presently have students from elsewhere or you have had them in the past it would still be definitely worth having a chat with him.

For more information on ourr consulting for human resources, personnel and workforce, contact our consultants by phone on 0300 777 0107 or 0300 777 0108. Email us at

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