Sobel Case Study

Presentation to UKIED (United Kingdom Investor Equality Diversity) on 18 June 2014 at the Metropolitan Police HQ in Hammersmith & Fulham

The objective of this presentation was to raise awareness about equality and diversity in the advice sector to the UKIED network. UKIED Network members include national voluntary sector and statutory bodies such as the Metropolitan Police, Mencap, the National Union of Students, College of Policing, Barnardos, Nursing & Midwifery Council, General Dental Council, Financial Conduct Authority amongst others.

Attendees had an opportunity to learn of AdviceUK’s London Councils SOBeL Programme and how we are working with organisations supporting particular equalities protected groups.

It was a great opportunity to raise awareness of good practice examples of equality and diversity in the advice sector and partnership working strategies.

The presentation also highlighted the challenges protected groups face as well as the service delivery challenges of advice giving organisations from an equality and diversity perspective. These include a reluctance by some BAMER groups to monitor equalities profiles of users and the stigma that is still attached to some protected characteristics amongst groups that represent certain cultural backgrounds. AdviceUK described the difficulties it encountered and how it worked in partnership with groups such as Stonewall to deliver awareness training and address this problem.

Debate was generated when participants discussed the need to include additional protected characteristics in future equality and diversity legislation such as socioeconomic status.

Some participants were concerned about the rising public resentment following welfare reform changes and how welfare benefit claimants are stigmatized and vilified.

Positive feedback form this workshop included:

“Thank you for delivering an excellent members presentation that was very informative and interesting that I know was very well received”

Anthony Earle Wilkes,
Executive Chair and Chief Assessor – United Kingdom Investor in Equality & Diversity (UKIED)

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