Mind’s Life Support Campaign

Please help us save ‘life support’ services by making noise on social media today! We’re asking people to shout out about the ‘life support’ services they provide on social media channels.

This campaign page explains the main ways you can get involved. We want organisations like yours to tell your networks of local community-based ‘life supporter’ organisations about the campaign, and encourage them to celebrate the vital services that they provide on social media.

You can find a pre-written tweet and Facebook post to this page, and asking organisations to share these on the day to show their support for the campaign using #LifeSupport!

Adding your voices to our national campaign will create opportunities for conversations about your services at the local level. It will help get the issue of ‘life support’ on the agenda across the country. Every day, ‘life support’ services help many people with mental health problems live a full life and stay well. But they’re undervalued, underfunded and under threat. Help us celebrate these invaluable services on social media tomorrow!

For further information on the campaign, you can check out our webpage. It’s all about making the case for local community support services that help people manage life’s day-to-day challenges by providing advice, information and support, and keeping them connected to their community.

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