Members Portal Renewal Guide

How to renew your Network Membership

For intructions on how to renew your membership via the portal please click this video or see written instructions below:

Renewing your Network Membership

  1. Click into the member portal login page: attempting to login to the portal, be sure that you are the main contact we have on record and that you have received an activation email. If you have forgotten your password then you can simply select ‘Forgot Password’, type in your username (your email address) and then follow the link sent to your email address and choose a new password.
  2. Once you login you will be directed to your profile and will see the My Info section first. Please review your details. Click on ‘Change’ to update any information.
AUK Members Portal Renewal Organisation Info

3. Do this again for the My Organisation Info section. The running cost figure we have on record will be prefilled in as well, this is what the system will use to calculate your fee. Please read the description on the top of the page if you are unsure how this is done. Ensure your insurance information is up to date if you are a network member, and upload any new documents at the top by clicking Upload documents.

AUK Renewal Company Subscription

4. To renew please then click on My Organisation’s Subscriptions. If your membership is still active you click on ‘renew’ if not click on View Inactive Subscriptions and click ‘renew’.

5. On the next page, make sure to read this page carefully, please confirm that all the membership information on your profile is correct by ticking the box and then you can select Add to Cart.

6. Please review your order and click on Checkout. The next page will then ask you to Create a Tax Address. If you have logged in before the address should already be there, however if this is the first time you log in or if the address is not there please either add the address by clicking on “New Address”. Fill in your address as follows:

Name: Address/Billing Address will suffice
Type: Select Work from the dropdown

Enter address by filling in the post code and the address will automatically come up or you can click on the tick next to ‘enter the address manually’ and scroll down to fill in relevant fields.

Then tick Is Default so that the system recognises your address for the next renewal.

Then you can select Save. Allow the system to process the changes and then Continue. Please make sure the “Continue” button turns purple before clicking on it.

7. You will be taken to the payment, choose the relevant payment method from the left selection. Either Credit Card (allows debit), Invoice or Direct Debit. For invoices you have the option to input a Purchase Order number. If you do not require one then please input N/A.

8. You will then see a large green tick on the screen, meaning you have completed your renewal! You will receive an email confirmation. Our Membership team will be in touch if required.

Thank you for renewing with us!

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