Members Portal FAQs

How do I access the member portal?
The main contact for Membership renewals for your organisation can access the portal via their email address. If you are not the main contact we have on record then you will need to update this first with the membership team as we will need to re-register you, contact:

If you know you are the main contact then select ’Forgot Password’ to reset it via the member portal login page.

What do I do once I receive my email?
Once you have received a link to login and set a password then login to the portal and follow the instructions provided on the Membership Renewals page:

How do I renew my Membership?
Please watch this short video which shows you step-by-step intrusctions on how to renew your Membership:

How to change/reset password?
1. Navigate to the portal
2. Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ button
3. Enter the username which is the email address of the main contact we have on record
4. Click the submit button

Or if you’re logged in you can also:
1. Ensure you are logged in as member portal user
2. Click on the person icon on the profile (top right)
3. Click ‘Change Password’
4. Enter the username (your email address)


Can I login using another email address?
Please note the email address the link is sent to is the set member contact we have on our system. If you would like to change your username to another email address, please get in touch as we will need to do this for you.

What if I am no longer the main contact?
Get in touch with us at and let us know and we will ensure the right person gets their login set up.

Is the Member Area the same as the portal?
The Members Area is separate to the Member Portal. The link to the member portal is:

Why am I asked for an (Tax) address when I renew my membership?
The system requires us to have an address on record for you for VAT purposes, we appreciate this is not something we have requested before but please fill it in, it will not impact your fee or renewal.

Why can’t I see my files after I have uploaded them?
You might have to hit refresh to see the files you have uploaded. We are working on this to try and make this user experience better for you all!

How can I pay?
The current methods of payment on the system are via credit card/debit card, invoice and direct debit. You will need to complete the steps to renew via the portal and complete Checkout.

Where can I find my invoice/receipt?
If you have logged out or navigated to another page you can always go back to the portal and obtain your invoice. Go to “My organisation’s Order” tab on the left had side. Then click on “All Orders”. Click on any of the orders and a half screen will appear like the one shown below. You can then click on your invoice and download a PDF document of your invoice.

If you have any further questions please email the membership team:

The AdviceUK Membership Team

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