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Connect with other Student Union Advice Services across the UK by joining our AdviceUK LinkedIn group:.

Join the AdviceUK Student Union Advice Services Networking Group on LinkedIn

We aim to: share learning and exchange knowledge; promote good practice in line with AdviceUK’s values and those of its member organisations; foster constructive discussion about social welfare and academic advice provision in student union and university settings; create opportunities for personal and professional development; and keep up to date with the latest happenings in not-for-profit advice across the UK.Join the discussion within our AdviceUK LinkedIn group, which networks people working in social welfare advice services across the UK.

Given the challenges posed by COVID-19, we’re also exploring the possibility of creating additional LinkedIn groups targeting people working in particular types of organisation/advice service (for example housing associations), or people working with particular groups (for example, organisations that advise in areas such as disability and health. Let us know your thoughts so that we can gauge demand and respond effectively, by e-mailing

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