Money Advice

This page contains information about the range of support services available to members of the AdviceUK network that provide money advice to the general public.

Services directly provided by AdviceUK include a regular email bulletin sent to all members and approval of intermediaries under the Debt Relief Order scheme.

Advisers working for members of the AdviceUK network can also access free wiseradviser blended learning provided by the Money Advice Trust and Citizens Advice Specialist Support for technical help with money advice casework.

Please follow this link to the money advice projects and resources pages of this website for information about the resources available to money advisers and money advice managers.

Policy and strategy

David Hawkes is AdviceUK’s National Money Advice Co-ordinator and part of the policy and campaigns team. He has responsibility for money advice and debt policy matters at AdviceUK.

Debt policy work at AdviceUK is focused on promoting the value and significance of the money advice services provided by members of the AdviceUK network, representing the views of AdviceUK and its members within the advice sector, to policy makers and to other relevant bodies, and on working with the Money Advice Trust (MAT) and major advice providers and funders on the development and implementation of the future strategy for the delivery of debt advice.

In practice, this is performed by: –

Representing AdviceUK on MAT’s Partnership Board and its Training Strategy Group

Generating publicity for the work of AdviceUK’s money advice member agencies and encouraging research on debt and credit issues

Contributing to the development of public, commercial and advice sector policy on money advice through liaison with statutory bodies, the credit industry and other advice providers

Representing AdviceUK on the Money Advice Sub Group of the Financial Inclusion Task Force and on other forums such as the Consumer Finance Forum and the Money Advice Liaison Group

Responding to consultation papers on issues relevant to money advice

Generating additional resources for AdviceUK and its money advice member agencies


The Money Advice Trust Information Hub provides access to a range of information for people with an interest in money advice, credit, debt and debt remedies and recovery.

Advisers working for members of the AdviceUK network can access the Citizens Advice Expert Advice Team.

Please follow this link to the money advice supporting you pages of this website for information about the different ways in which AdviceUK supports money advisers working for members of the AdviceUK network.

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