What does SDAP mean for Agencies?

Agency Procedures

We are assuming that all new debt cases are routinely being recorded in AdvicePro by the pilot agencies. It is likely that agency procedures will need to be modified to define the processes necessary for referral of DMPs, IVAs and Trust Deeds to Payplan, and to make use of the SDAP Paylink payment disbursement system. The pilot agencies are provided with the SDAP Paylink user manual and the SDAP User Guide, but the overarching procedures need to be defined by the agency.

How will SDAP benefit an agency?

We anticipate that benefits will include:

  • Reduction of workload for DMPs and IVAs, with cases handed over to Payplan
  • More income for the agency may be generated, through the Fair Share model
  • May provide a competitive edge

What do we expect from a pilot agency?

We will expect our pilot agencies to be actively engaged for the duration of the pilot. This is will include:

  • Undertaking training for all advisers affected
  • Full roll out of the new model in your agency; i.e. for all eligible and willing clients, the routes described above need to be implemented
  • Providing feedback. We will be able to obtain some information automatically, from the IT system, but we will also want to understand how it is working in practice for the agencies and their clients

Questions and Answers

Will agencies taking part need to hold clients’ funds?

No, if a case is referred to Payplan, or use is made of Payplan’s disbursement system, the client will make payments into a Payplan account. Payplan will then distribute these funds to creditors. The Payplan account is ‘ring fenced’, so that client monies are protected.

Will pilot agencies process all their debt cases through AdvicePro?

We will expect that all cases handled by pilot agencies will be recorded in AdvicePro where the option selected by the client is a DMP, IVA, Trust Deed, low offer or token payment (with the agreement of the client). We have a range of small to large agencies involved in the pilot, so there will be no minimum number of referrals specified.

Will the use of AdvicePro and Payplan during the pilot affect the options being offered to clients?

It is essential that during the pilot all advice provided continues to be in the best interests of the client, and is transparent and impartial so that clients are able to make informed decisions about the best way of resolving their debt problems.

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