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“Our particular focus is on people who are least well served by existing responses to disadvantage, and who therefore find themselves at greatest risk of punitive and coercive interventions. Most often, these are people who face multiple disadvantages simultaneously, such as mental illness, homelessness, violence and abuse, drug misuse and extreme poverty…[which stem] in large part from the way services and systems are designed.” – LankellyChase Foundation Theory of Change, Version 1.0

LankellyChase Foundation works to bring about change that will transform the quality of life of people who face severe and multiple disadvantage, focusing on the persistent clustering of social harms such as homelessness, substance misuse, mental and physical illness, extreme poverty, and violence and abuse. The Promoting Change Network is formed of organisations from across the country using different approaches but also working collectively to advance this mission.

AdviceUK is delighted to have been funded by LankellyChase Foundation to be part of the Promoting Change Network. The Foundation’s theory of change reflects very closely the things we have been learning through our use of the Vanguard Method with advice services.

People, especially the most vulnerable, are failed by services and systems that:

  • Are designed, commissioned and delivered in silos
  • Ration access through assessments and eligibility thresholds, without taking the time to understand people’s needs
  • Focus rigidly on presenting issues and miss the real problems people face
  • Are made accountable through performance management regimes, that stop them being responsible and doing the right thing
  • Engage with people in episodic, process-driven, transactional ways.

AdviceUK is working with Keyhouse, a multi-purpose AdviceUK member based in Bradford, and with Bradford Council’s Adult and Community Services Directorate.

To set the work up effectively and engage the right people, we have taken time over the summer to work alongside staff within statutory services and at Keyhouse to understand the demands people place on them, what matters to the people who are using services, and what helps and gets in the way of services in meeting people’s needs.

We have delivered two short introductory workshops bringing together commissioners and service managers to learn more about the Vanguard Method and explore how it could help them. We are now supporting them to learn about services from the perspective of the people who use them, mapping people’s journeys as they try to get the help they need, to understand the impact of current models of service design, commissioning, delivery and reporting.
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