Grant Funded Projects

Over the last 30 years, we have run numerous projects where we have sought support from a third party to support our members. These have been large, small, national and local organisations. In that time we are proud to have worked with:

  • Law Centres Federation
  • London Councils
  • Big Lottery
  • Access to Justice Foundation Project
  • Baring Foundation

And have successfully implemented those projects with:

  • Portsmouth City Council
  • Nottingham University

Our Policy

We are committed to sustainability through self-funding. However, from time to time, we do apply for access to grants and funding. Due to our policy on sustainability we are only able to accept them under certain conditions or circumstances. Our policy is that any such funding needs to be:

  • Only for activities consistent with our plans
  • Full cost recovery if a restricted grant
  • An unrestricted donation (if part funding)
  • Offered with no variation of terms
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