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As AdviceUK approaches its 40th Anniversary, we reflect that since 1979, AdviceUK’s members have helped up to 80 million people get the support they need. Looking to the future, how can we continue to make that difference together and help more people?



To mark our 40th year we are embarking on a year of fundraising to increase awareness of the work AdviceUK’s members do and increase donations to the AdviceUK Foundation Fund.

The Foundation Fund was established two years ago, as a vehicle for raising funds centrally that will go to support members. The Fund received its first donation in August 2017 and we are building on this to provide grants to members to build or improve their infra-structure and implement sustainability programmes so that they can help their clients more effectively and for longer.

To help raise money for the fund, Chris Tansey, AdviceUK’s very own Data Manager and UK AdviceFinder champion will be running the London marathon. Serendipitously, this year’s London Marathon falls on exactly the same day, (albeit 40 years later! 28th April, as the inaugural day of the Federation of International Advice Centres, now known as AdviceUK.

Chris Tansey, AdviceUK Data Manager and Marathon Runner!

Chris Tansey, AdviceUK Data Manager and Marathon Runner!

Chris says:

“To help celebrate AdviceUK’s 40th Anniversary, a number of innovative fundraising activities have been planned to aid AdviceUK members and as part of this grand design, I will be representing AdviceUK by taking part in the world famous event that is the London Marathon. 

Thankfully with the resilience of an Ulster upbringing and the notion of the undoubted good causes the AdviceUK 40th Anniversary Foundation Fund will benefit, my motivation is not lacking. So please donate generously!”

Kai Duggal, Managing Director, IAS says:

As well as our fundraising drive, in the course of the year, we will be providing exclusive offers to existing members, incentives to new members and hold a number of special events”.

The Foundation Fund will be an additional string to our bow to provide independent advice agencies with the financial support they need.

Steve Johnson, AdviceUK CEO says,

“Of course over 40 years the sector and the organisation has changed, but there are some things that were true then and are true now – AdviceUK is here to help the members help anyone that walk through their doors. Our vision is to create a society wherein every individual, regardless of means, is able to access the advice they need in order to exercise their rights and deal with any legal and social welfare problems they may face. Through the Foundation Fund we will facilitate AdviceUK members to do this”.

To celebrate the anniversary and continue to support our members we will be:

  • Holding 40th Year celebrations for the full 12 month period
  • Officially launching the foundation fund for which we have already collected over £100,000
  • Beginning the anniversary year in the spirit that we mean to continue, we are aiming to want to raise £40,000 in this anniversary year

 So how can you get involved?

  • Please pass this news on to anyone you think might be interested!
  • Broadcast the Chris Tansey’s involvement in the marathon and help raise sponsorship for him. i.e. Whenever we tweet or post on facebook, please re-tweet it and pass on the posts
  • Provide donations – we are happy with any amount, no matter how small whether: 40p per mile, £4, £16, £40, £400 or £4,000!

Any contribution will help. for example, £40 could cover all of the costs of a typical free advice session for clients, whereas a £400 could pay for 4 days of training for centre advisers, be a significant contribution to a year’s worth of insurance for a small advice centre or contribute to helping a centre get a much needed case management system.

  • Hold your own fundraising events
  • Tell us what you do, what you have achieved in helping your clients, how it’s relevant to our 40th year and how we have helped you
  • Send us a film to upload onto our YouTube site
  • Give us cash for the fund!

Please send any questions about the 40th Anniversary or information about your organisation to

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For more information on the FOUNDATION FUND please visit this page:


AdviceUK – Making a Difference Together

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