Advice Services – What to Expect

Everyone who works in the advice sector understands how emotional, overwhelming and intimidating it can be for the clients who walk through their doors – especially for the first time. Some have struggled alone for a long time, some perceive seeking help as an admission of some sort of “failure”, and others are scared of repercussions from banks, big firms or immigration officials.

If you have been putting off coming to see one of our members, here is some information you may find helpful.

  • Advice centres are either FREE, or any charges are clearly told about up-front
  • There are no other strings attached – e.g. donations or joining something
  • Everything you tell them is CONFIDENTIAL
  • Advisers do NOT JUDGE you. They have have seen everything (and may have even been there themselves)
  • Nobody will tell you what to do, the advice teams present options for you to decide
  • YOUR needs and interests are paramount at all times
  • The advice teams should explain things clearly and tell you what is going to be done, how and when
  • The advisers will get back to you when they say they will
  • Your documents and files will be kept safely
  • Your permission will be asked for before anything is shared with any third party
  • If the team is working within certain restrictions, such as low resources, you will be told if there are certain things that cannot be done
  • You are not alone when it comes to needing help, as many people are in similar positions – but this does mean it is likely you will queue for an appointment
  • Advice agencies are working on very tight budgets, so they are not very well-off and their premises won’t be fancy
  • Whilst many advice centres employ full time staff, they also may be using volunteers

BUT advisers should be professional, diligent and most likely will go the extra mile for you and are dedicated to helping those who need it

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