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Fair for you

Fair for You Ltd is a registered charity whose objective is to alleviate poverty through better credit solutions for lower income family households and to influence how we lend as a society to lower-income families.

It wholly owns its own FCA-licensed credit provider, Fair for You CIC, which is a niche lender, and which enables those with limited access to credit to be able to purchase items for the home and their families through provision of effective and supportive finance solutions that are designed around the customer.

To find out more, visit the Fair for You website.


Resolver is a FREE, revolutionary website and app, which takes the hassle out of complaining. Set up by the consumer champion James Walker, this easy-to-use tool is designed to tackle head-on the poor level of customer service we face in this country. It offers consumers advice and guidance on their consumer rights and simplifies the whole process of complaining – something that ‘corporate Britain’ seems to want to make as difficult as possible.

To find out more, visit the Resolver website.

The Change Account

At AdviceUK we are constantly finding new ways to both innovate and help those we work with. That’s why we are so excited about The Change Account – a new form of transactional account, designed to simplify your finances.

People are continuously looking for alternative solutions to the traditional banking model and many thousands of individuals across the UK are already using alternative transactional accounts instead of bank accounts.
Consumers signing up to The Change Account can receive:

  • Secure budgeting wallets
  • Clear Payment Wallets
  • Transparent Costs
  • Extensive Advice and Support
  • Rewards Programme
  • 24/7 Customer Support

To find out more, visit the The Change Account website.

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