Introducing the ‘OnRecord’ App

New App Launched – Introducing ‘OnRecord’

A new FREE App that might be useful to you and your clients – especially those needing to build a file of evidence

OnRecord is a FREE app that helps people challenge, claim or complain more effectively by recording all of their evidence in one place and organising it into one clear, compelling file.

The OnRecord app lets you upload all kinds of records onto a secure platform from where they can be filtered, sorted, shared or downloaded.  It’s available from the app stores or direct from the website at

OnRecord will be of most use to people who have to present a clear and detailed account of complex events over time. The app makes it a simple task to put together a crystal-clear case supported by attachments such as photos, documents or video/audio recordings.

We’ve been working with Analogue Digital, the people behind this app, as they’ve developed its functionality. Now that it’s launched they’re keen to work closely with advice providers to develop it further. They can be contacted through the website.


OnRecord helps people to record evidence of any ongoing problem or issue so that they can make their case more effectively.  Recording complex details over time is made much simpler and users can quickly prepare a chronological report to accompany a letter or statement.

Users have the option of downloading their records as a chronology, to use in a statement or report, or they can create a confidential and secure link to share their records online with an advisor or other professional who may be helping them.

By making it much easier to present evidence clearly and in detail, and by simplifying the process for selecting evidence to include in reports or statements, OnRecord is suitable both for people who are seeking or receiving advice as well as for those who are acting on their own behalf.

With OnRecord, the heavy box or bag full of unsorted letters, statements, photos and other evidence can be a thing of the past!

Users of OnRecord are enabled to communicate and present their issues more quickly and effectively, saving time in advice agencies, law practices, tribunals and courts and helping them to get a better outcome.

The OnRecord secure platform contains powerful tools for organising and presenting complex information. Each record, regardless of the order in which they are uploaded, gets sorted into a chronology on the timeline and calendar and is linked to whatever attachments go with it such as photos or documents. Access to the platform is via the login screen on the website at using the same login credentials as for the mobile app.

To help simplify the selection and filtering of records, uploaded material can be subdivided into as many colour-coded ‘threads’ as necessary (depending on the nature of the problem and how it might be subdivided) and scored for ‘impact’. Records are stored on the phone (unless this function is cancelled) and simultaneously on the online platform where they can be processed. The platform shows the timeline, a map of where records were uploaded (if location services are active), a chart and a chronological list of records with their attachments.

When selected records are exported, the timeline, map and chart relating to the selected records can be included or omitted. The downloaded zip file or pdf is a chronology suitable for use in court, with each record linked to any attachments connected to it.

For users who need to conceal use of the app or their records, the app has a number of security features including the options to change the app icon, use fingerprint and/or PIN login, delete all records on the phone and immediate logout using the ‘home button’.  None of these settings affect the records uploaded to the platform.

Further information and guidance for users and advisers, including case examples and advice about ‘threads’ is available on the website at

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