New fund helps AdviceUK members protect lives, livelihoods and liberty

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the members of AdviceUK, the UK’s largest advice network, and on the lives of the clients they serve.

The Community Justice Fund – created in partnership with leading social justice organisations, including AdviceUK – was launched in May 2020 to support specialist legal advice organisations at this critical time. Grants from the Fund are now helping AdviceUK members to continue providing vital help to hard-hit individuals, families and communities.

In the first five weeks of the Fund, 25 AdviceUK member organisations have between them received more than £1 million to spend on vital work that is desperately needed in the communities that they serve.

“The money means destitute women with precarious Immigration status are able to start a new life with some financial security, free from their abuser and the threat of being forced to leave the UK. In Family law we can provide crucial legal advice where relationships are being challenged and ending.”
Jane Basham CEO, Norfolk Community Law Service

“The Community Justice Fund grant to Brighton Housing Trust’s advice services provides a lifeline to the most vulnerable people in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. It will keep people in their homes and give a voice to those caught up in the asylum/immigration system”
Sue Hennell, Senior Advice Manager, Brighton Housing Trust

“Thanks to the Community Justice Fund grant we can continue to concentrate our support to people who are at most risk in the pandemic. This includes homeless and destitute people who need to submit immigration applications if they are to maintain their leave to remain in the UK. This means everything to them and their families.”
Denise McDowell, CEO, Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit

“AdviceUK member organisations serve some of the most disadvantaged people in society; their work saves protects lives and livelihoods. We’re immensely grateful that the Community Justice Fund is supporting this work at a very crucial time. It allows AdviceUK members to continue transforming lives and support providing access to justice”
Chilli Reid, Executive Director, AdviceUK


For enquiries regarding the AdviceUK partnership with the Community Justice Fund contact: –
Chilli Reid, Executive Director, AdviceUK
07812 063312/

Notes for editors: –
Community Justice Fund: A group of six grant-giving foundations have joined forces to launch the giving financial and other support to specialist social welfare law advice agencies dealing with the impact of COVID-19.

The fund was created in partnership with leading social justice organisations (Advice UK, Law Centres Network and Citizens Advice), who stressed the need for urgent, decisive action and maximum flexibility in how funding can be used.

The Community Justice Fund is a joint initiative between a group of independent funders (the AB Charitable Trust, Access to Justice Foundation, Indigo Trust, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, The Legal Education Foundation and Therium Access). It is hosted by The Access to Justice Foundation and opens with over £5m, including contributions from the Ministry of Justice.

AdviceUK is a charity supporting independent organisations that give free advice to members of the public. Established in 1979, with over 600 members we are the largest network of independent advice centres in the UK. 90 AdviceUK members provide specialist legal advice in Employment, Immigration, Housing, Welfare Benefits and Debt.

Our members work in some of the poorest parts of the UK, often with marginalised communities, helping people to solve their legal and social welfare problems. Find more information about the work of AdviceUK and our members the About Us section of our website.

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