AdviceUK Welcomes Fair for You as its First Associate Organisation

AdviceUK is pleased to announce the extension of its categories of affiliation and welcomes Fair for You as the first AdviceUK Associate organisation.

AdviceUK has taken the decision to offer new categories of affiliation to selected non-advice providing organisations and will be launching these new categories in phases throughout 2016 and 2017. The first two of these categories, ‘Associate’ and ‘Approved Provider’ were launched in June 2016 and on-line ethical credit prover Fair for You became the first affiliate in both categories.

AdviceUK membership remains subject to strict eligibility criteria, but the new categories have been developed to recognise other types of organisation whose work is complementary to that of advice agencies.

Steve Johnson, AdviceUK CEO says:

“We recognise that there are many organisations that will never meet our membership criteria but which share a similar vision and set of values to AdviceUK. Through our new categories of affiliation we hope to encourage more collaboration around finding better, fairer solutions for people trying to deal with everyday problems.

The two new categories are defined as follows:

  • Associate: An organisation that, while not an advice-provider, has aims that are consistent with or complementary to advice work
  • Approved Provider: A provider of a product or service that may be of use to our Members or their clients and which we have vetted and approved as conducting their business in a way which is consistent with our objects, values and principles

The first organisation to be recognised as an AdviceUK Associate and Approved Provider is Fair for You.

Fair For You Logo

Fair for You Ltd is a registered charity whose objective is to alleviate poverty through better credit solutions for lower income family households and to influence how we lend as a society to lower-income families.

It wholly owns its own FCA-licensed credit provider, Fair for You CIC, which is a niche lender, and which enables those with limited access to credit to be able to purchase items for the home and their families through provision of effective and supportive finance solutions that are designed around the customer.

Angela Clements, CEO and Founder of Fair for You, say:

“We work with a very similar audience to Advice UK members, and are here to provide an affordable solution to the weekly payment stores and high cost, short-term lenders. As such, we’re delighted to be the first Associate member of and Approved Provider to AdviceUK members. 

“Almost all our customers have got caught out by high cost credit, often the Rent to Own or weekly payment stores. Many have lost their items or paid late fees and end up juggling tight family finances to keep repayments going and avoid having the item repossessed. Our lending is about providing dignity, choice and value to many people who are often unable to access mainstream finance when they need essential items for their home and family. 

“These savings make a huge difference to each family, sometimes over £1,000 per item over the term of a loan. That’s transformational, as it gives the family the opportunity to set some cash aside for the treats or to start a savings account, and sets households on the path to becoming financially independent and debt-free. It’s a huge privilege to do what we do, and the reviews on Trustpilot are a reflection of the work of the whole team, and we are delighted that our work is recognised and so valuable to our customers.”

Having reviewed Fair for You’s charitable aims, business processes and management practices, AdviceUK is proud to welcome Fair for You as both an Associate and Approved Provider.

For more information on Fair for You and AdviceUK please:

To enquire about membership or participation in any of our extended category schemes please contact the AdviceUK membership team on or call us on 0300 777 0107 or 0300 777 0108.

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