AdviceUK Re-Launches UK Advice Finder

AdviceUK have re-launched UK Advice Finder – The UK’s only national directory of advice giving organisations.

AdviceUK acquired the Advice Finder database from HomelessLink in May 2015 to add a valuable service to those already provided by AdviceUK. To ensure the strength of the service, AdviceUK have invested in a full data cleanse and update of organisation and contact information. The UK Advice Finder database includes data on advice agencies throughout the UK that provide information, advice and support on a wide range of topics including social welfare, debt, housing, consumer issues and more.

ukaf_screenAdviceUK CEO Steve Johnson said: ‘We took the decision to acquire the database as it is a hugely valuable resource for organisations needing to direct people to sources of advice. Providing a database of this unique calibre not only allows our members to make quick referrals when their clients need it, but also creates an additional income to allow us to continue to invest in services that benefit our members and help them to help their clients more effectively’. 

The database is the only one of its kind and a number of existing UKAF customers have expressed their pleasure that AdviceUK are now the driving force behind UK Advice Finder.

’To have an organisation as knowledgeable as Advice UK running UK Advice Finder is vital in adding value for us and our clients. Some of the upgrades we have already seen are fabulous and we are looking forward to a number of further planned developments’. Dominic Games, Tenancy Sustainment Manager, Paradigm Housing Group

UK AdviceFinder:

  • Contains over 10,000 entries of advice giving organisations
  • Has highly targeted search results – the online search facility allows customers to filter out only the most relevant organisation listings, whether by service, subject, client group or location
  • Is great for saving time by signposting – A quick search facility combined with each entry’s detailed description of the organisation, services, client group, localities served, disability access, service contact information and opening times – makes signposting a breeze
  • Has high quality data – Our dedicated data experts keep UK Advice Finder up-to-date, providing referral information that can be trusted and sparing the hassle of maintaining contact lists
  • Benefits from expert knowledge – UK Advice Finder is maintained by the leading support network for independent advice providers, AdviceUK


The organisations that use UK Advice Finder range from independent advice to housing associations and student unions/ universities, as well was helplines and a number of other types of organisations in the charity, public and private sectors.

Our Volunteer Helpline Counsellors use the UK Advice Finder to find localised support for our callers. It’s a very handy resource.” Nacoa

With the re-launch of the service and new website, prospective customers can request quotes, as well as gain access to the main login from a number of different access points.

AdviceUK will also be upgrading the UK Advice Finder interface and search capabilities over the coming year.

The new UK Advice Finder website was recently launched too. For more information about UK Advice Finder, please visit:

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