AdviceUK Network Membership for 2017

We thank you for being a Network Member in 2016.

At AdviceUK we’re very aware that our purpose is to add value to the excellent work that you do. To do that we need to adapt and innovate. We’re constantly striving to do that in order to support you better in an ever-changing world and to remain the UK’s largest and most diverse network of independent advice providers.
Membership continues to confer a range of benefits including large discounts on all AdviceUK products and services – often saving more than the cost of membership itself.

We continue to live through very challenging times for advice agencies and the people who turn to them for help. More difficult times still probably lie ahead. Yet despite operating pressures and financial constraints interest in AdviceUK membership has remained high in recent years, and we continue to attract new members. Some of these are new projects with innovative business models illustrating the tenacity and vibrancy of UK civil society in responding to unmet need – even in the most challenging circumstances.

YoursSteve Johnson

Chief Executive


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