UPDATED: AdviceUK Members – Registering for your Authorisation to give debt advice

Please note: We can no longer accept any FCA authorisation forms. If you still need to register with the Financial Conduct Authority to receive an Authorisation to give debt advice you will now need to contact the FCA directly.

Many of you will already have been in touch with us regarding the transfer of your debt advice authorisation to the FCA.

If you sent in your form on or before 26 March, your details will have been sent to the FCA by us. You will be able to look up your new authorisation number on the Financial Services Register. The FCA are aiming to get all members onto the register by 2 April, but due to the large volume of organisations and the fact that many forms were received very late this might take them a bit longer. Please be patient and keep checking the register over the next two to three weeks before you contact the FCA! If you are not sure whether your centre sent in their form please check with the colleague in charge of AdviceUK membership issues before you call the FCA.

If you did not send in your details, you will have to get in touch with the FCA directly to register. Before you register, please read the instructions carefully. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the FCA, not AdviceUK. You will use this form to register.

Do mention that you are a member of AdviceUK, the FCA will then prioritise your application.

AdviceUK will not be able to give any information regarding the progress of your registration, and we cannot help you register with the FCA. If we do receive any information from the FCA we will put it under the News section on our website.

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