AdviceUK Manifesto

AdviceUK urges all political parties to

  • Work with the advice sector to improve people’s lives and improve public services
  • Make access to advice and civil justice a cornerstone of an inclusive society in post-Brexit Britain
  • Support all communities to be vibrant places to live
  • Invest in mainstream schools to produce skilled and rounded citizens
  • Equip people to make the most of the internet, so that no one is left out as services move online

AdviceUK is committed to a society where all people have access to justice, particularly the most vulnerable. We encourage all those standing for election on June 8 to join with AdviceUK members as they support people to live more independently and to exercise their rights. We ask the next Government to focus on public service delivery that acts early to prevent problems, and where problems arise, to help people address them through real and meaningful access to civil justice.

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