AdviceUK – Launches the New Website!

AdviceUK is proud to launch the new website today at the 2017 Annual Advice Conference, ushering in a new phase in the life of the organisation.

As AdviceUK progresses towards the strategic aims of sustainability, a number of new brand and marketing initiatives are underway. The website being an essential element of this plan, was unveiled at the 2017 Annual Advice Conference in Birmingham, 12th October, 2017.

AdviceUK Website Homepage

AdviceUK Website Homepage

Some of the new features of the site include:

  • Simpler user journey allowing different audiences to be signposted more intuitively
  • More comprehensive content in each section tailored to each audience, including:
    • A clearer and better organised members area
AdviceUK Members Area

AdviceUK Members Area

  • Full section on what members get as part of their membership
  • A new section with all of AdviceUK’s products and services that members and non-members alike can purchase
AdviceUK Website - Products and Services

AdviceUK Website – Products and Services

  • The products and services section highlights the variety and depth of services provided by AdviceUK for advice agencies as well as for all the other sectors AdviceUK works with, including housing, universities and student unions, local authorities and certain parts of the private sector
AdviceUK Website - Products and Services Homepage

AdviceUK Website – Products and Services Homepage

  • More corporate information for politicians, pressure groups and journalists in the ‘About’ section
AdviceUK Website - About Section

AdviceUK Website – About Section

  • Whilst AdviceUK does not provide information direct to the general public – that is the job of the members – anyone looking for advice can browse that section and find useful information and details of organisations that may be able to help them
AdviceUK Website - Find Advice

AdviceUK Website – Find Advice

  • Each section has its own homepage signposting people to news items relevant to that audience and a variety of relevant pieces of content including films produced by AdviceUK and members
AdviceUK YouTube Channel

AdviceUK YouTube Channel

  • A more developed news archive with easy access to relevant press releases and members news
  • A more comprehensive and co-ordinated use of social media – As part of the new site, and to provide more access, this allows members to promote themselves and their work, members are invited to send us their films to upload onto our YouTube site and tweets/ news items can be uploaded

IAS Managing Director, Kai Duggal says: “Thousands of members, customers and other stakeholders visit the website every day to find out about AdviceUK’s membership, service and offerings, campaigns and projects. The new website is designed to direct them to that information more quickly and signpost them to other content that may be of interest to them”.

As well as a comprehensive review of the website architecture, the new website design has been developed to cater for AdviceUK’s commercial services. The website reflects a brand refresh which, rather than a complete rebrand, brings out some of the powerful elements existing within AdviceUK and brings it in-line with the corporate, brand and marketing strategies for on and off-line materials.

Content throughout the site has been organised to provide snapshot information for stakeholders while browsing the site, as well as providing more detailed information at a deeper level within the website itself.

AdviceUK CEO, Steve Johnson says: “The launch of the site is part of the new phase for AdviceUK – as AdviceUK looks to the future, we felt that the website needed to reflect AdviceUK’s progressive approach and be more effective in representing the hundreds of independent advice providing organisations that are part of our network”.

The launch of the new site is just the first phase of a number of useful on and offline tools that we are working on for members and anyone buying AdviceUK services. Over the next 12-24 months there will be a number of new and useful tools added to the website designed to make members and customers lives easier. Watch this space!

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