AdviceUK launches The GDPR Toolkit

AdviceUK Conference sees the launch of the AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit.

AdviceUK organised a conference for AdviceUK members and a range of organisations from the charity, housing, student union and private sector due to the ongoing demand for more support and information about GDPR. As part of the drive to support organisations struggling to put in place the required GDPR measures, AdviceUK has also created a comprehensive support package to help organisations to tackle GDPR in the run up to the May 25th deadline, and beyond.

The AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit includes support from:

  • AdviceUK Consulting – tailored support to help organisations prepare for GDPR, and address the specific and complex issues that they may encounter
  • AdvicePRO – AdvicePRO‘s secure case management system can make it easier for organisations to comply with guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office and communicate effectively with your service users
  • AdviceUK Training and Qualifications – Providing in-house and open-access training for managers, advisers, trustees and directors to support staff their GDPR work
  • AdviceUK Insurance Services – Cyber insurance will pay for (or provide specialist support for) repairing a data breach, repairing systems, reinstating data, removing a virus as a result of a hack, mitigating damage to reputation and covering any financial loss due to a cyber-attack.
  • Jobs in Advice – If you are under-resourced and need some extra help while you attend to the GDPR you can use Jobs in Advice to advertise for the roles you need

“The AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit is designed as practical support for any organisation that needs a helping hand with their GDPR Programme”, says IAS Managing Director, Kai Duggal “The simple flowchart on our flyer can help organisations identify where in the process they are and decide what help they would like from AdviceUK”.

AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit Chart

There are numerous layers of support that organisations can receive from AdviceUK. Once they have worked out the support they need, they can use any of the services available and integrate it into their own individual GDPR programmes.

For more information about any of the GDPR Toolkit services, please click here to visit The AdviceUK GDPR Toolkit page on the website contact us at  or call us on 0300 777 0107.

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