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Payroll Giving is a simple way of making tax-efficient donations to AdviceUK. If you are in regular paid employment and paying income tax (PAYE) you automatically get tax relief if you make a regular donation. In addition the Government will add 10 per cent to all Payroll Giving donations that you make. There is no lower or upper limit on how much you can give and you can stop giving at any time.

Your donation is made before the deduction of income tax. If you pay tax at the basic rate, giving £5 a month to AdviceUK will cost you only £3.90 because you save £1.10 income tax. If you pay tax at the higher rate, giving £5 will cost you only £3 because you save £2 tax.

Remember, that the Government will add 10 per cent so every £5 you donate (at a cost to you of no more than £3.90) will be worth £5.50 to AdviceUK.

You do not need to tell your employer which charity you choose to support and you can ask for your name and address not to be passed on to us (although we would of course, like to write to you to thank you for your support).

There is one simple form to complete. All you will need to do is give it to your personnel or payroll department and they will do the rest.

If your employer does not currently have a payroll giving scheme, it is easy to set one up and need not cost anything. If you are an employer, see the information below. Contact us if you would like more information about Payroll Giving.

Payroll Giving: information for employers

Payroll Giving is a simple scheme. Your employees will ask you to deduct regular charitable donations from their pay. You make the deduction after the calculation of national insurance contributions, but before deduction of Pay As You Earn tax. You pay all the money you deduct to an Inland Revenue-approved Payroll Giving agency. The agency will distribute the money to the charities selected by your employees.

You do not have to complete any tax forms and most of the administration cost is incurred by the Payroll Giving agency. Your costs should be very small and, if there are any, can be allowed as a deduction against your profits if you are a private company.

To set up a scheme, contact a Payroll Giving agency approved by the Inland Revenue or contact the Inland Revenue for more information. If you would like more information about AdviceUK please contact us.

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