Case Studies

London Councils case study – Quarter 16 Case Study – investing in quality of advice in Brent and supporting the development of new advice services in the borough

As the London Councils-funded Stronger Organisations Benefiting London(ers) (SOBeL) project finishes, we are making sure that the positive impact of funding continues beyond the formal end of the programme. In Brent, contact with a single community organisation in January and February 2017 enabled us to support a further seven community organisations who are part of Brent Community Advice Network.
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London Councils case study – Quarter 15 Case Study – Supporting the development and sustainability of the Westminster Advice Forum

The London Councils-funded Stronger Organisations Benefiting London(ers) (SOBeL) programme has supported the Westminster Advice Forum, enabling forum members to engage with key stakeholders such as Westminster City Council and the Department for Work and Pensions.
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Sustained relationship develops from ongoing partnership with borough-based support and development organization.

This case study focuses on the benefits which have been delivered out of relationships developed by AdviceUK and local agencies and which have been possible through funding from London Councils for the Stronger Organisations Benefiting Londoners (SOBeL) programme.
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Welwitschia Welfare Centre (WWC)

Welwitschia Welfare Centre is a charitable organisation set up in 1998 to facilitate the integration of African Portuguese speaking migrants, refugees and other people of African origin in Greater London.
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