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The last few years have seen a number of changes to the international political environment and we await the full impact on the Advice sector. What we know for sure is that in 2017 funding for charities and in particular advice services continue to decrease. The sector has seen a number of agencies merge and some fold, however the resilience of AdviceUK’s members and their determination to continue to help those less fortunate than themselves – despite a huge lack of volunteers, resources and funding – is overwhelming. 

Despite the challenges of the last few years, we see the advice sector – and AdviceUK growing stronger. In 2017 we have launched our new website which makes finding the information you need about AdviceUK easier – whether you are a trustee, member or potential customer or potential member we have created a site that is easy to navigate and intuitive. The website incorporates a number of new tools including our storefront – where amongst other things members can browse and purchase some of our training and qualifications services or apply directly/ renew membership. We also have a donate function for any benevolent members of the public who wish to contribute to the start of our Foundation Fund.

AdviceUK membership stands over 700 – with those members dealing with an estimated two million enquiries per year and managing approximately 1.4 million cases. Whether helping members to sort out their insurance with AdviceUK Insurance Services, manage their cases more efficiently through AdvicePro, make their organisations run more smoothly with the help of AdviceUK’s consultants, or help signpost their clients to the right services through UK AdviceFinder, AdviceUK is proud to be able to play a part in that success.

Stop by for more from us and our blog in 2017, with commentary from me and other AdviceUK members.

Commute Running

How To Prepare For a Last Minute Marathon....Top Time-Saving Training Tips By Chris Tansey

Training for a marathon is tough. Not only do you have to think about training for the marathon, but you also have to consider your diet, raising money for charity, what kit to wear and getting enough rest. The advice is endless and sometimes it can become a bit overwhelming.
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Chris Tansey, AdviceUK Data Manager and Marathon Runner!

How To Prepare For a Last Minute Marathon....HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!! By Chris Tansey

With an effort to help fellow London Marathon participants and raise awareness about the AdviceUK 40th Anniversary Foundation Fund, I will be writing a number of posts over the next couple of weeks, so please spread the word. This week’s tips will be on the benefits of hill running sessions.
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Speak slowly please! – advice and English lessons

London is a great melting pot of people from all over the world. There is an extraordinary richness of languages spoken. For large numbers of people in London, however...
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You’re all individuals! You’re all different!

In a well-known scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian, the dangers of conformity and peer pressure are satirised through humour...
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Quarterly Account - AdviceUK GDPR Article

General Data Protection - Decoding the Regulation

General Data Protection - Decoding the Regulation. AdviceUK's Data Manager Chris Tansey explains to Quarterly Accounts the new law and provides guidance on its implementation...
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AdviceUK Banner

The GDPR Timebomb Conference…Were we Prepared?

GDPR is a hot topic at the moment and with the deadline fast approaching, AdviceUK wanted to put together an event for members, the charity sector and quite honestly any other organisation that needed help!
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New Skills & Training

To be Trained or not to be Trained…

We are often asked – is it better to get training or just learn on the job? On the face of it the answer seems quite straightforward, however when looking at the reality of what you can learn while you are working versus the benefits of...
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