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As we enter into a new year, we have much to look forward to and to look back on. We have introduced an online Members Portal, making it easier for our members to manage their information and renew their membership amongst other benefits, we have AdvicePro Six launching in the coming months and having officially launched the AdviceUK Foundation Fund, we will continue efforts to raise money to support the vital work of our members.

There are obvious political changes ahead with the impact on the advice sector still uncertain, however AdviceUK members have proven to be remarkably resilient thus far and we will continue to innovate and seek to increase and improve the resources available to our members and the advice-giving community. In doing so, we aim to remain faithful the aspiration of our founders that we should seek to support, and not control, the work of our members. To do these things we will strive to be financially sustainable and independent ourselves in order to campaign more effectively for sustainability of the advice sector as a whole – so that we can continue making a difference together.

AdviceUK membership stands over 700 – with those members dealing with an estimated two million enquiries per year and managing approximately 3.5 million cases. Whether helping members to sort out their insurance with AdviceUK Insurance Services, manage their cases more efficiently through AdvicePro, or helping to signpost their clients to the right services through UK AdviceFinder, AdviceUK is proud to be able to play a part in that success.

Stop by for more from us and our blog in 2020, with commentary from me and other AdviceUK members.

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