Purpose & Values

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to help people get the advice they need in order to resolve problems adversely affecting their quality of life.

We do this in two ways. Firstly, by supporting the advice-providing organisations, more information about which can be found here.

Secondly, we aim to influence and engage the government, policy-makers and funders who can bring about change to advice services. Find out more about our influencing work.

Our Values
Our founders were passionate activists and advice pioneers, motivated to help less well-off people tackle unfairness, injustice and poverty. They believed, as we still do, that rights have no value without the means of enforcing them.

We try to reflect our founders’ motivations in the day-to-day running of our organisation, exercising:
• Fairness
• Integrity
• Co-operative action
• Flexibility and innovation.

Find out more about our history and why advice is so crucial.

Our Vision

The vision of our team is to create a society in which every individual, regardless of their background, education or income, is able to access the advice they need. This is crucial in enabling those in need to exercise their rights, and deal with any legal and social welfare problems they may face.

At the heart of this is the belief that ‘advice must be given with the interest of the client being paramount’.

This can be achieved through, amongst other things, providing co-ordination and support to independent advice services and assisting them to make better use of the resources available to them.


We support advice organisations by helping them to be efficient, competent and effective and to campaign for a policy environment that supports both the advice agencies and the service users relying on them.

AdviceUK Membership – “Different Together”

We are always happy to welcome new members, and our network is open to any organisation that fulfils the criteria set out by our Board of Trustees.

This ensures all our members meet the same basic standards, while enabling us to embrace the great diversity of organisations providing advice.

Our network of members has always celebrated that diversity, as well as the charitable activism and innovation that produced it. We recognise and value our members’ different identities and approaches in pursuit of common aims, and ours is a network within which members can be “Different Together”.

Our Logo
Our current logo was designed in 2007 to convey the “Different Together” nature of our network. The word ‘advice’ within the purple cartouche is formed of different fonts with each letter being drawn from one of our members’ own logos.


Our corporate strategy has been specifically developed in order for us to build a sustainable business group that complements and funds our crucial work – supporting the front line staff offering potentially life-saving advice.

Throughout our history we have had to be flexible and innovative in order to survive and continue delivering social value. We are now unusual amongst charity association bodies, as we have a relatively low dependency on grants for our much-needed income. Our strategy since 2014 has been to assume that organisations of our type will in future have to be completely self-sustaining. Our plans are therefore focused on building a sustainable social business group that can complement and support the work of the core charity.

This will be achieved through:

  • Increasing flexible income and resources
  • Enhancing our independence
  • Providing leadership in the advice sector
  • Adding greater value to advice provision
  • Enhancing the impact and public value of advice
  • The application of the Vanguard Method to improve the efficiency of customer systems and how to deal with customers

While we will need to continue to balance the need of raising capital with creating revenue, we are absolutely committed to maintaining the original intention and purpose of the charity.

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