About AdviceUK

We are the UK’s largest support network for Independent Advice Services. We are a members’ organisation representing the interests of client-facing advice providers. This film tells our story:

Membership of our network is open to all those organisations which can fulfil the following criteria:-

  •  Advice is independent and impartial with the interests of the client being paramount
  • Advice is confidential
  • The terms on which the service(s) are provided are clearly stated
  • Advice is covered by professional indemnity insurance
  • The organisation has a complaints procedure
  • The organisation can demonstrate openness and accountability to service users and other stakeholders
  • The organisation can demonstrate commitment to equality and diversity

We have a diverse and varied network of members, which, in turn, reflects the diverse and varied nature of our clients.

Most of our members are charities, providing an entirely free service to their clients. We also have an increasing number of members which are classed as social enterprises. We currently support just over 700 members, and 1200 total customers for all of our services.

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